Well Pump Repair Grants Pass – What is Involved?

Well pump repair Grants Pass might be needed in a variety of circumstances. Following are a few common scenarios you may want to consider. You can also consider a well pumps repair service in Oregon. 

Power Supply Concerns

In numerous cases, it is quite likely that the power supply of the well pump plays up. It may be due to either circuitry or wiring issues. Usually, the symptoms are not always that easy to detect and diagnose.

Your circuit breaker may keep tripping, and you need to know whether it would be a good idea to place a breaker at the end of the line? Effectively, you should consult with an experienced well pump repair professional to obtain the best advice.

Engineering Failures

There are all sorts of submersible pumps used for water wells. Some use different technologies. The chances are good that most of these will have moving parts such as pistons, gaskets, valves, linkages, vacuum chambers, seals, and washers. The components can deteriorate because of poor maintenance and quality control, which will then cause all sorts of problems.

This is especially the case when friction is involved between moving surfaces. You should think twice before opting for the cheapest part you can find. First, check on the reliability of the components before buying it.

In specific instances, if you happen to be handy with tools and have some engineering knowledge, you could fix the problem yourself. However, when you’re not, it would be smart on your part to call someone more experienced in well pump repair problems.

The symptoms are often varied and many in that you may have to deal with no water, low pressure, or noises that originate from the equipment.

As we stated, if you feel comfortable replacing plumbing and electrical components, you can easily save yourself $150 or more on the service call alone, not to mention the money needed for the components. Some of the parts you need to replace might be located inside your house. However, concerning valve and pump failures, piping, and outside electrical issues, you’ll have to call a professional.

When there is no water at all, be sure to check that the power is on. You can start by checking to see if the well switch near the pressure tank is switched off. From here, you need to see if your well’s double-pole circuit breaker has tripped. If it has, then reset it. Breakers that keep on tripping will show there is a problem with the well pump, so you have to call a pro to sort it out.

Next, check the pressure switch, which you should find on a quarter inch tube that is situated near the pressure tank. The switch is what senses when the water pressure drops to the point where the pressure tank will need more water. The switch will power up the well pump. If the switch has gone wrong, the pump won’t start, and there will be no water.

Therefore, testing the switch is your first step. What you need to do is remove the cover, then bang the screwdriver against the tube just below the switch to jar any electrical contacts. If you notice a spark and the pump starts, then the switch is the issue, and you can replace it for about $25. When there is no spark, you will have to replace the controller.

The Age of Your Well Pump

Most of the more modern well pumps come with an average life expectancy figure, which depends on whether or not you use and maintain the pump in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. In most cases, it will be fine, but errors do creep in.

Once you go past the average life expectancy figure is given, the chances of age-related failure increases. Regular services will improve the overall life expectancy. However, one should still anticipate specific faults at some point.

While it’s true that someone you know may have had their water well since the beginning of time and it just keeps running, unfortunately aging issues may result in component failure one might not always notice. We are talking about problems such as slight discoloration of water, reduced water pressure, higher power consumption, etc.

Pump repair specialists in Grants Pass can tell how to deal with such concerns. If for any reason, you are not sure how to deal with a pump repair problem, call an expert to help diagnose and remedy the issue.




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